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AC/DC Motor Repair

ISS AC/DC motor repair capabilities run the gamut from small fractional motors to 20,000 HP+ AC and DC units. Our machine shops repair endbells, rebuild motor shafts, and machine and undercut commutators, with all motor rewinds using class H insulation.

Each motor service is backed by a one-year warranty and is cataloged for tracking purposes. Following repair, trained technicians use diagnostic equipment including dynamometers, core loss testers, surge testers, AC/DC hipot, and computerized balancing equipment to ensure each motor is restored to factory specification.

Industrial Service Solutions operates some of the most advanced facilities in North America. Shop and field services include servo motor repair, circuit board repair, AC/DC motor repair, and hydraulics repair for CNC machines and other industrial automation systems. Man-machine interfaces, also known as teach pendants, are also serviced.

We are also a factory-authorized Curtiss Wright Exlar Actuator service and repair provider.

Exlar Authorized Repair Partner

Some of our capabilities:

  • Endbells
  • Motor Shafts
  • Machine Communicators
  • Undercut Communicators
  • H Class Insulation


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